Vanilla Magic Cake That Will Make Everyone a Believer

Vanilla Magic Cake That Will Make Everyone a Believer

Do you believe in magic? After making this recipe you will be!

If you have never heard of magic cakes before they are a wonderful creation that has many different textures that create this insanely enjoyable dessert. The bottom is a dense layer that is not quite a custard but not quite a cake. It falls somewhere in between the spectrum. The middle is by far my favorite with this flan-like custard and all of this is topped with a crisp golden brown layer of sweet angel food cake. The magic of this cake is not only in the textures but also in its versatility

The magic of this cake is not only in the textures but also in its versatility. You can change it up with the seasons and make a magic cake to match the holiday. For example, you can do a pumpkin spice version for the fall or a gingerbread version around Christmas.

But for the sake of the non holiday time, I will stick with the ever delicious vanilla magic cake.

Keep reading to find out what it takes to make this magically delicious cake. 

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    I hate recipes that make it so hard to print the recipe!!!!

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