We Just Learned We’ve Been Pouring Juice All Wrong!

We Just Learned We’ve Been Pouring Juice All Wrong!

We Had No Idea Pouring Juice Was So Complex!

If you're like us, you don't think too much about the technique you use when you pour yourself a glass of juice. In fact, you're probably don't think about what you're doing at all, because pouring juice seems like it should be pretty straightforward and not something that requires any kind of special method, right? Well…maybe not. In fact, we recently discovered that we've been pouring our juice wrong all these years, and we have to say, we're a little embarrassed!

This revelation comes from a video from YouTube vlogger Crazy Russian Hacker, who says we don't have to suffer through all of the splattering and the funny “glugging” noises that happen when you pour juice by placing the spout as close as possible to the glass. Instead, you want to hold the carton or bottle so that the spout is on top of the glass and away from the rim. The juice pours cleanly, quietly and efficiently, as demonstrated in the video.

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