When Cooking Steak Do Not Overlook The Stovetop! It’s One Of Our Favorite Ways!

When Cooking Steak Do Not Overlook The Stovetop! It’s One Of Our Favorite Ways!

If you have been cooking for any length of time you know when it comes to cooking meats there are those who hold fast to their tradition of grilling over an open flame. While this method is great and renders an amazing outcome you will see later in this article there are other, just as tasty ways of cooking steak and we have found our favorite!

This Simple Method Guarantees a Crispy, Juicy Steak!

There are tons of ways to cook steak, and naturally, everyone has their own personal favorite, either because they enjoy cooking it or they enjoy eating that particular version. Most people automatically think of the oven or the grill when cooking steak, but it's also great on the stovetop. In fact, cooking steak on the stove has a lot of advantages, and happens to be one of our favorite methods.

Cooking steak on the stove is actually really easy, and is ideal for cooks who want a streamlined, no-frills way to cook their favorite meat. For this method, you just follow three simple steps, and you get perfectly crispy, juicy steak that goes great with everything from a nice big salad to some rich and creamy mashed potatoes and gravy. The seasoning is also simple, using just salt, butter, garlic, and thyme or rosemary, but boy do you get big taste from it! Plus, you can always make a quick pan sauce to add a little extra flavor.

To learn how to make this pan-cooked steak at home, please continue to Page (2) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.


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