Who Would Have Thought To Use These Instead Of A Kitchen Towel? They Are Incredible!

Who Would Have Thought To Use These Instead Of A Kitchen Towel? They Are Incredible!

There are just certain items that serve certain purposes. Kitchen towels have been cleaning up messes in the kitchen for a long time. However, they don't always do the best job. This surprising item actually works so much better. You'll be shocked when you found out what it is!

The Item You Should Be Using Instead Of A Kitchen Towel Is:

Cloth Diapers Make the Best Kitchen Towels
Cloth diapers! Turns out that good ol' fashioned cloth diapers also double as kitchen or even regular household towels.

Why Cloth Diapers Work So Well

Cloth diapers are great in the kitchen because they're super-absorbent, lint-free, and have a thicker center panel that can even be used like an oven mitt if you fold them over a few times to make them thicker. If you get the plain white ones, just throw them in the wash and bleach out any stains — they just get softer as you wash them. Plus, they only cost around $2 each if you buy a large pack.

The only thing I would advise is that if you actually use cloth diapers as diapers in your house, buy a separate set for your kitchen and mark them accordingly!


This is Brilliant! 

As you can see, cloth diapers work better than kitchen towels for several reasons. You might like them so much, you'll want to use them for everything! I have actually started to use them for all sorts of cleaning and projects around the house! They are pretty inexpensive and while I have tried many brands Gerber Cloth Diapers have worked the best for me.


Have you tried using cloth diapers instead of kitchen towels before?

Let Us Know Your Thoughts!

Article Source: The Kitchn





  1. Gale Magaditch Carboy
    Gale Magaditch Carboy January 24, 18:48

    They also make good dust cloths

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  2. Pete Young
    Pete Young January 24, 19:32

    Did not even know they still made them

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  3. Jackie Stufflet
    Jackie Stufflet January 24, 22:07

    duh…cloth baby diapers!!

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  4. lyly
    lyly January 24, 22:14

    I use receiving blankets for years now just as good as diaper. there the best.

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  5. Barbara Dunne Karpola
    Barbara Dunne Karpola January 25, 06:06

    I might do this, as I know how absorbent they are. I just wish they were prettier? Maybe I’ll try to sew on some trim.

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  6. Betty Porter
    Betty Porter January 25, 11:37

    They are great

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  7. Sandra Hallett
    Sandra Hallett January 25, 20:08

    Does not mention which type of cloth diaper. Used to be: birdseye, flannel and gauze. Some gauze did have a thicker middle panel, will have to check it out.

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  8. Mary K Fayfer Bennett
    Mary K Fayfer Bennett January 25, 21:33

    i’ve known that for a long time

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  9. Tanya Keehn
    Tanya Keehn January 25, 22:00

    Help what are they?

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  10. Paula Tomacchio
    Paula Tomacchio January 29, 21:30

    Cloth diapers…

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  11. Karen Malcom Jolly
    Karen Malcom Jolly January 29, 22:19

    Have been doing this since I started helping in the kitchen some 60 years ago that my mother learned from her mother and so on. This is nothing new. Another thing that the younger generation was not taught by their parents.

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  12. BettyRuth Edgar Hybdzinski
    BettyRuth Edgar Hybdzinski January 29, 22:23

    Flour sack towels are great

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  13. Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell January 30, 02:55

    diapers-who would have thought?

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  14. Randi J. Sloan-Demetriou
    Randi J. Sloan-Demetriou January 30, 02:58

    Cloth diapers are the best thing in the world for cleaning my eyeglasses.

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  15. Gloria Lane
    Gloria Lane January 30, 12:36

    Cloth diapers,,,makes sense !

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  16. Cliff Garrison
    Cliff Garrison February 04, 18:28

    Don’t bother with dish towels; put them in the dish rack and let them air dry.

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  17. Health is Hapiness-HomeYog.com
    Health is Hapiness-HomeYog.com February 09, 23:30

    Cool info thanks this is really great

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  18. Mimi Zinger
    Mimi Zinger February 19, 16:08

    I have always used cloth diapers instead of dish towels

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  19. Gay Banos
    Gay Banos February 19, 17:31

    I use dishtowels often saves on paper towles

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  20. Linda Lee Flowers
    Linda Lee Flowers April 18, 05:40

    Whatever that is hanging there is NOT diapers! Just a trick to get us to look.

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  21. Doris Koke-Martin
    Doris Koke-Martin April 18, 06:37

    I have done that for years

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  22. Karyn Norman
    Karyn Norman April 18, 08:12


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  23. Pat Mc Gowan Meister
    Pat Mc Gowan Meister April 18, 13:04

    More expensive.

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  24. M Ann Parris
    M Ann Parris October 12, 12:33

    Yay! Gonna try it. Makes sense to me…

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  25. Ann Adams
    Ann Adams October 12, 14:00

    can get a bundle of flour slacks at Walmart..their open and hem (5 in a bundle) cost five to six dollars ,they work good.

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  26. Eleanor Bellar
    Eleanor Bellar October 12, 19:56

    Where would you find cloth diapers now a days?

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  27. Robin Claybrooks-Hollis
    Robin Claybrooks-Hollis October 12, 23:16

    They work. Got them at walmart. Pre folded ones !!!

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  28. Crock Pot-Slow Cooker
    Crock Pot-Slow Cooker November 19, 01:30

    best Crock Pot Healthy Recipes super fan right here

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  29. Anna Duhon
    Anna Duhon December 16, 22:43

    I would have never thought to use diapers.

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