You’ll Never Have Dull Chicken Again With This Dish – It’s Bursting With Flavor!

You’ll Never Have Dull Chicken Again With This Dish – It’s Bursting With Flavor!

Like I said, it's absolutely shocking to me how little goes into this incredible meal considering all the flavor you get from it. I would have expected a long list of hard-to-find items, but all you really need is…

The Ingredients To Gather Up Before You Start Cooking:

  • 2 lb. chicken tenders
  • 8 slices bacon
  • ¾ C Stubb's Sweet Black Pepper Anytime Sauce, divided
  • 1 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary

The Simple Step By Step Directions To Follow:

  • Add the chicken and ½ a cup of the marinade to a resealable bag and refrigerate at least an hour or up to 24 hours.

  • When the chicken has marinated, preheat grill to 500 degrees. Cut the bacon slices in half and wrap half a slice of bacon around each chicken tender and secure with toothpicks. Sprinkle the rosemary over the top of the chicken.

  • Grill the chicken about 8 minutes per side or until the bacon is cooked through, brushing the remaining ¼ cup of reserved marinade on the chicken in the last few minutes. Serve with additional sauce and an extra sprinkle of fresh rosemary if desired.


This dish can be served with a side salad, some rice, or eaten on its own as a tailgating snack! The recipe serves up to 8 people, but my guess is you'll run out of it sooner than you think…


Article & Photo SourceWhat The Fork Food Blog



  1. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce March 11, 17:21

    looks good

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  2. Recipetryouts
    Recipetryouts March 11, 20:33

    Me either….looks good

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  3. Ken Bobin
    Ken Bobin March 12, 23:03

    chickens eat their own poop!!

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  4. Ludy's Kitchen
    Ludy's Kitchen March 15, 16:30

    Thanks for the info :

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  5. Mary Wakelam
    Mary Wakelam March 15, 17:36

    Can’t get sweet pepper sauce around here.

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  6. Brian Platt
    Brian Platt March 20, 20:14

    Nicole Rausch Platt

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    Peter Cornejo April 18, 16:17

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    Katie Lacefield April 18, 17:36

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    Chris Rennicks April 18, 18:19

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    Robin Fultz April 18, 20:17


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  11. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce April 19, 11:29

    Looks good

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    Sonny LeBeaux April 19, 15:13

    Skylar Neal

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