You’ve Probably Been Eating Hamburgers Wrong Your Whole Life!

You’ve Probably Been Eating Hamburgers Wrong Your Whole Life!

Wow, We Seriously Did Not See This One Coming!

The hamburger is practically an American institution, and has been a beloved snack for approximately a century. Wow, did you have any idea it's been around that long? We grew up eating burgers, but we were surprised at their long and rich history!

While burgers may be the first thing many of us think of when we want a quick, easy and filling snack, we may not like how messy they can be, especially if you pile them high with goodies like so many of us like to do! Well, it turns out there's a correct way to eat a burger, and if we'd known that we could have saved ourselves a lot of mess!

We were a little embarrassed that we'd overlooked something so simple, especially since it never occurred to us there was a scientific approach to eating a burger the perfect way. However, we're glad we know now!

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