3 Recipes That Incorporate Vegetables Into Dessert

3 Recipes That Incorporate Vegetables Into Dessert

Before you come at me with pitchforks and torches just hear me out. Sure, it seems sacrilegious to mention words such as “incorporate vegetables into dessert”, but I promise you it's actually quite delicious!

Normally the things we find are, shall we say, less than healthy, but every so often we find a recipe or list of recipes that are not only healthy but also downright delicious. This is the case with these next three recipes.

When I first heard that people were mixing vegetables into their buttercream frosting the southern girl in me died a little inside. If it's not a carrot cake, vegetables do not belong on the dessert table, or at least that was my initial reaction. After some slight arm-twisting from one of my vegetarian friends I caved and decided to try these recipes. Worst case scenario I take one bite, hate it and give them the rest and while they did go home with an ample supply of desserts I will say I thoroughly enjoyed my slices. So let's take a look at what we will need in order to create these (surprisingly) amazing, vegetable incorporated desserts.

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  1. Theresa Martinez
    Theresa Martinez October 24, 20:21

    I can tell u beets carrots zucchini all go good in desserts

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