Add Sophistication to July 4 With These Patriotic Jello Salads

Add Sophistication to July 4 With These Patriotic Jello Salads

This Dessert Takes July 4 Festivities to a Whole New Level!

If you're looking for something to transform ordinary July 4 celebrations into something sophisticated and festive, then do we have a dessert for you! It might be easy to just buy some store-bought brownies and set them out for your guests at your next Independence Day cookout, but we're big fans of these individual Jello salads, which add a touch of class to any get-together, while also having a patriotic flair. What could be better?

These elegant and delicious salad cups use strawberry Jello, blueberry and Cool Whip to create an American flag-themed treat. Plus, they're really quick and easy to make. Just whip all of the ingredients together and place them into individual cups, and then chill in the fridge until they're nice and solid. Yum! These dessert cups look really fancy and might just steal the show away from the fireworks. Yes, they're that good!

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  1. Jessica Ostos
    Jessica Ostos June 30, 23:47

    Leslie Herrera you should try making these

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  2. Leslie Herrera
    Leslie Herrera July 01, 00:57

    Oooo. I like. Maybe ill make them

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