An Apple Turnover Recipe That Will Make Everyone Jealous

An Apple Turnover Recipe That Will Make Everyone Jealous

I once tried an Apple Turnover that I purchased from a gas station on a road trip taken with my family. At the time I would say it sufficed but that is only because I had no concept of how it was actually supposed to taste. Now that I have had fresh from the oven, made from scratch Apple Turnover I can tell you that nothing found prepackaged in the store can ever compare to the taste of one straight from the oven.

Looking back the processed sugars and chemical preservatives were all that one could taste and if you have had one made from scratch you know that the ingredients are delicious enough to stand on their own without all of the added sweeteners these companies place inside of their treats.

My love for pastries is a very well known fact. There is just something about walking into a nice bakery ( or a home) where the sweet smells of baked goods rise up to greet you.  The mix of sweet flavors, buttery crusts, and sugared coatings are the best parts of baking.

Apple pie is a staple of baking. It carries with its sweetness the homemade feel we all long for in baking. As you eat it you're immediately transported to a place of relaxation and peace where all that matters is put on hold and you simply enjoy the moment.

So let's take a moment and look at how we can get these amazing apple turnovers in our homes!



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    Maggy Downing October 09, 22:16

    I an going to try these they look good! <3

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