Make Almond Snowballs This Holiday!

Make Almond Snowballs This Holiday!

Here's a great dessert recipe for your holiday snack platter!

These morsels will melt in your mouth and give a tasty blast of powdered sugar that combine in a luscious duo of almond flavor.

The toasted almonds invigorate the senses and leave an intoxicating aroma while you are preparing these wonderful treats.

The recipe on the following page will yield about 5 dozen of these scrumptious almond snowballs.

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  1. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes December 09, 21:00

    Planets best fan !

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  2. Terri Shadden Knutson
    Terri Shadden Knutson December 10, 06:03

    I’ve never had them with almonds before, bet they would be delightful.

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  3. Jean Paul-Colletti
    Jean Paul-Colletti December 19, 20:34

    Look delicious

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