Make Homemade Krispy Kreme’s Doughnuts

Make Homemade Krispy Kreme’s Doughnuts

If you grew up from the South, you know, Krispy Kreme, is king.

You may have even grown up watching these tasty circular disc's of dough travel along their conveyor belt of oil, frying deliciously in the process.

Be forewarned, these treats are addictingly tasty. It may be wise to invest in a gym membership soon if you being to notice a few a extra pounds expanding your waistline 😉

These treats require minimal effort but do require a bit of time to create.

Let's start with the ingredients.  The good news is that there's nothing special needed here!

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  1. Layne Moss
    Layne Moss March 13, 01:32

    The original KK donuts were fried in LARD !!!!! THAT’S one reason they were SO much better then than now!!

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  2. valreca
    valreca April 12, 18:17

    thats the truth!!! i remember complaining that my donuts were stale. & so much so i told the manager that i’ve been eating KK for yrs & i kno how they taste. he then informed me that KK had switched to the new fats & that they hadn’t publicized it yet. If I’m eating a donut…i’m not counting calories or being healthy!! i don’t look to a donut to be healthy.

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  3. Lisa Sowell
    Lisa Sowell July 13, 13:52

    @[100003645862401:2048:Susan Downs Bell] u got one more year to make these for Hunter Keith!!!!

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  4. Susan Downs Bell
    Susan Downs Bell July 13, 13:56

    Make me some! Lol

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  5. Lisa Sowell
    Lisa Sowell July 13, 14:42

    look just caused i made you breakfast doesn’t mean you can ORDER what you want for the next time!!! LOL

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  6. Susan Downs Bell
    Susan Downs Bell July 13, 14:46

    Right! You already spoiled me! LOL

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  7. Sandra Gonzales
    Sandra Gonzales July 13, 18:37

    @[100002582245323:2048:Alma Cardenas] home-made…. u can do it!!

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  8. Alma Cardenas
    Alma Cardenas July 13, 19:04

    Yummm @[100008210718424:2048:Sandra Gonzales] im going to try them

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  9. Kathy Ruland
    Kathy Ruland July 13, 19:28

    @[596980100:2048:Erica Ruland]

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  10. Sandra Gonzales
    Sandra Gonzales July 13, 19:58

    If u make em i’ll try em… i dnt really like krispy kreme cus they’re 2 sweet but if *U make em i’ll try em… jus 4 u 😉

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  11. Mary Ellen Napolitano Becht
    Mary Ellen Napolitano Becht July 13, 22:04

    Krispy Kreme please come back to Brooklyn, NY. We miss your delicious donuts, better than Dunkin

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  12. Melissa Whalen
    Melissa Whalen August 08, 21:22

    Waiting patiently for Krispy cream to open up by us seems like 4 ever!

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  13. Angela McNeely
    Angela McNeely August 08, 21:26

    I wish I had one by me…but then I would be in trouble.

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  14. Julie Willis
    Julie Willis August 08, 21:33

    Not the same!!!

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  15. Larry Tanton
    Larry Tanton August 08, 22:15

    Like i really need that!

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  16. Daily Kitchen and Cooking Tips
    Daily Kitchen and Cooking Tips August 08, 23:30

    looks tasty 🙂

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  17. Bekah Wilkes
    Bekah Wilkes August 09, 01:24

    @[100002314581629:2048:Adam] READ THIS!!!!

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  18. Lindsay Bynum
    Lindsay Bynum August 10, 07:13

    @[100000667983187:2048:Rachyle McGee]
    Ill forever think of you when I see a glazed doughnut!

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  19. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes January 26, 03:30

    who else really gets ?

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  20. Marla Wolfson Wilhelm
    Marla Wolfson Wilhelm January 26, 14:11


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  21. Peterann Rydell
    Peterann Rydell January 26, 14:45

    Donuts absolutly …coffee not so much “)

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  22. Cliff Garrison
    Cliff Garrison November 23, 22:53

    When “Spudnuts” were still a national franchise, their product was much better than Krispy Kreme is, now and the donuts were bigger.

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  23. Melissa Leigh
    Melissa Leigh November 24, 00:15

    Alyssa M Myers

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