Pickle Cupcakes Are Now A Thing And I’m Not Sure How I Feel About It

Pickle Cupcakes Are Now A Thing And I’m Not Sure How I Feel About It

I am a firm believer in experimenting in the kitchen. Some of the best dishes known to mankind have come out of those moments when there are missing ingredients so we substitute with whatever we have available.

This next one though has me wondering what in the world happened that could cause someone to want to create such a dessert.

Deep fried pickles I understand, pickle cupcakes I do not. 

I am going to assume that the mastermind behind this dish is a very hungry pregnant woman or a toddler who couldn't decide what they wanted for a snack.

Cupcakes are sweet and delicious morsels of cake and frosting that have an aroma that relaxes you and makes the day a bit brighter.

Pickles belong on hamburgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, or deep fried in a nice batter. Not as the main ingredient for a cupcake!

Let's take a look at these ingredients and see if this is a cupcake you want to try or if we should just pass up this idea altogether!



  1. Heather Pawlak Heinrich
    Heather Pawlak Heinrich February 23, 00:57

    Christina Hoffman

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  2. Judy A. Martin
    Judy A. Martin February 23, 01:16

    i bet we would be surprised.

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  3. Annie Evans
    Annie Evans February 23, 20:26

    Brenda Harper Amanda Meekin Sara Elizabeth Evans Katie Evans Josh Evans

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  4. Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes February 26, 17:52

    Jennifer Jordan for the girls Vanessa Pierson

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  5. Geri Rainey
    Geri Rainey February 26, 19:16


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