The New McDonald’s In Phoenix Arizona Is Run Entirely By Robots

The New McDonald’s In Phoenix Arizona Is Run Entirely By Robots

McDonald's Is Doing Something No Restaurant Has Ever Done Before & It Will Leave You Shocked!

People have heard about McDonald's being all over the news for problems with employees wanting fifteen dollars an hour. A McDonald's in Phoenix decided to solve this problem by thinking completely outside of the box and coming up with a solution that no one has ever thought of before.

McDonald's has taken a huge step into the future and now the things that have only happened before in movies will actually become a reality. You can finally say that you have been served by a robot!

That's right, we said a robot! It is a truly out of this world experience that you will have to see to believe. McDonald's had a choice; they could have either paid workers more or they could just invest in technology. We can't say we blame them either.

We kind of hope, after they replace all of their complaining, greedy employees that they can work on their food quality next!

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  1. Oiltech
    Oiltech July 23, 16:06

    $15/hr finally broke the camel’s back. Enjoy your new unemployment people! The very idea of a minimum wage is idiotic since your pay should be equal to your skill level. An artificial minimum shuts out many people who could be working and learning useful skills so they can move on to better things over time.

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    • Mike
      Mike July 26, 21:35

      Wow know where I am not eating anymore.if enough people don’t go there it will be like when the grocery stores took out the self checkout here.

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      • Bmtisback
        Bmtisback July 28, 18:22

        Notice they don’t say how much these “robots” Cost per robot and how much upkeep they will cost.This is because it will actually cost them more to have them than human employees.

        Remember mechanical repairmen, skilled labor, is far more expensive than the raise to $15 an hour will be.

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        • william
          william July 28, 20:55

          No benefit’s no sick time will make up the difference. Our vet’s don’t make $15.00/ hr.

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          • Sleafy
            Sleafy August 05, 22:48

            McDonald’s offer almost no benefits. No sick time,no vacation.

        • Josie
          Josie August 03, 13:19

          The robots are a one time cost. The maintenance is minimal. Realize this.

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        • despin
          despin August 04, 11:47

          Considering employers have to pay both social security tax and healthcare on top of the $15 and hour, Mcdonalds will save money in the long run.

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        • Johnny
          Johnny August 04, 18:10

          NOT! Look at the auto mfg using robots to do their welding… It is the only defense that mfg has against labor, Especially union labor (well except for leaving the country). A product is only worth what the market will stand… $15 will make MacDonald’s non competitive with their rivals. What choice do they have… People holding picket signs thinking that they are so important showing the evil corps a thing or two ‘don’t get it’… That is why they have the crappy job to begin with… Wake up! If the employees were as productive as they were 40 years ago, we wouldn’t have to waiting in the drive thru for 15 minutes like we do now… WORK HARDER AND EARN THE RAISE.

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    • Rick
      Rick August 02, 19:53

      I completely agree with you Oiltech.. The libtards forcing the increase of the minimum wage only put more people and companies out of woke than it actually helped and it caused the price of what we pay for products to go up.. That is what causes inflation..

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      • HooRahRepublicans, Make the USA Great Again
        HooRahRepublicans, Make the USA Great Again August 03, 18:53

        Dude, you’re a fucking moron. If we had it your way we’d keep going until 1% own 99% of everything and 99% of the world has the remaining 1%, at which point they’d rise up and murder you (I’m guessing you’re one of these cunts), leaving us with a madmax vision of the world. Totally agree middle of the road liberal policies are a farce, but we need to get rid of this insideous neoliberal agenda permeating the western world, insisting on a free market economy as the solution to all our problems becuase it won’t end well for anyone. Having a winners and loosers attitude is backwards and what you’d expect from a baby nation that hasn’t learnt their lesson from history because it’s still too busy masterbating to the smell of it’s own farts.

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    • L Iriel
      L Iriel August 03, 02:57

      This is actually how I pay my employees….High school kids, first job, at home with mom n dad, only bill is cell phone…minimum wage. previous experience but still in school and with mom n dad…min +.25 and so on.

      If this is your first job, you have no experience, limited availability, don’t expect to get paid what more experienced people do, because it’s not gonna happen.

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  2. Blake
    Blake July 24, 23:07

    “…is **RUN** entirely by robots”!!! Please, PLEASE, PLEASE learn proper English grammar.

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  3. Penguin
    Penguin July 26, 17:25

    When I heard about this last year, I was reminded of the day the guy set up an unattended gas pump on a corner lot in NC and everybody said “self service” would never last. OMG, they were wrong big time. LOL

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    • Mike
      Mike July 26, 21:36

      I don’t know about that most of the grocery stores here took out the self checkout stations and hired more cashiers.

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      • CearaIvory
        CearaIvory July 31, 13:00

        And I’m going to call bullshit on your claim. They’re all over the place where I live. You can’t demand more than your job is actually worth. You’re not paid for existing. You’re paid for doing a job and if more people can do that job, then it’s not worth more than minimum wage until YOU prove it on the job. That’s just life.

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      • nochickenlady
        nochickenlady August 03, 23:01

        Really? I am seeing more and more of these and they are very handy!

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  4. Rich
    Rich July 27, 22:40

    Love it. Robots don’t handle my burger after they’ve gone to the restroom without washing their hands either. Many of these $15-an-hour workers are nasty little creatures.

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  5. Kat
    Kat July 28, 02:43

    Oh great! Now there will be more unemployed people!

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  6. sophie
    sophie July 28, 15:39

    Your comment..they want people to be blind about the truths,mc Donalds are dirty and cannibalism.Workers here have the ability to react while robots remains silence to their secret agenda.

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  7. Rocky
    Rocky July 28, 19:22

    Minimum wage wasn’t meant to live off of anyway, so stop trying to adjust it! Stay in school it’s your fault if you only make that much in the first place, and then demand more money lime the world owes you s**t! So happy about the new McRobots, they can’t scratch their balls and touch my food! All of this coming from a whole generation of people who have no concept of economics and want everything socialist!

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  8. ANN
    ANN July 28, 19:58

    not only will this add to the unemployment. its adding to the poverty level. we think we have homeless and starving people now, just wait. the world we cease to exist as we know it if we continue to let technology over run us. whoever idea this was to invent robots for businesses has seriously screwed up. people need jobs and money to survive. thanks for making this impossible. all these people that are or will eventually be without homes and food, this is on your hands now!!!

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    • Jean Goon
      Jean Goon August 01, 17:07

      Everybody has the opportunity to go to school for higher education. My daughter has school loans to prove it. They don’t need to be stuck at McDonalds.

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  9. Christina Kelley
    Christina Kelley July 28, 21:05

    This is not true.

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  10. Albert Buchanan
    Albert Buchanan July 28, 21:11

    Take that, minimum wage.

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  11. Dune
    Dune July 29, 00:04

    Hahahahahaha this is way too funny ok in Japan there was 5 restaurants with robots 3 went bust 2 sacked the robots as the cost of maintenance and lack of customers after the novelty wore off far out·weighed the use of people all so the lack of human interaction was another factor. Go find a person who works in robotics for less the $15 per hour to do all the repairs, all so in Australia Mc Donalds workers get paid more then $15 per hour and the company makes a profit there. I believe the price of a big mac is around 10c more compared to the US.

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  12. Robert Waldram
    Robert Waldram July 29, 03:15

    But the robots make 15 bucks an hour minimum

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  13. Sandra Hallett
    Sandra Hallett July 29, 21:18


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  14. Joe S
    Joe S August 02, 02:05

    Fake but hilarious. Check the source article, which says, “If you have any further questions about the robot-run establishment, McDonanld’s has setup a 24-hour robot hotline at (785) 273-0325.”

    That’s the phone number for the Westboro Baptist Church.

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    • virginia
      virginia August 04, 01:30

      They had to know.that no one is going to pay you $15 an hour when.most people with college educations dont make that.welcome to your replacements

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  15. Burger King
    Burger King August 02, 02:58

    Nice to know no one will get hurt when someone decides to burn the place down.

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  16. Tony
    Tony August 02, 20:25

    Would love to see some of you conservative Trump supporters work for less than a living wage. Not everyone has the option of pulling down a $40,000/year desk job. They have to make ends meet somehow. And if a $15/hr job will help that, then so be it. Who you gonna complain to when that robot messes up your order and you can’t find a human being to complain to? Corporate sheep!

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  17. Patty
    Patty August 02, 22:33

    The writer of this article needs to use a dictionary. It’s not RAN by robots; Its RUN by robots

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  18. jay
    jay August 03, 00:39

    I will never eat at a place like this

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  19. pcjld1
    pcjld1 August 03, 03:07

    What everyone seems to forget is that in theory raising the minimum wage sounds great, but then businesses raise their prices to cover the extra expense of the additional wages.
    Someone making $10/hr just got a 50% raise and will probably waste the extra income just like when people get large tax refunds and don’t know how to save money. Go buy a new car they still can’t afford, etc.
    What about the people already making $15/h or more who now in effect lost money because prices went up and they didn’t get a raise?
    Some of the ones who want the raise are my children’s generation that think they’re entitled to make high wages because they’re to good to make minimum wage. When I started working minimum wage was less than $2/hr but you didn’t expect to be making $100k right out of high school back then like kids today think they should!!!

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  20. Wanker1
    Wanker1 August 03, 03:22

    I bet the robots won’t screw up your order either.

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  21. larry
    larry August 03, 04:00

    this is my take a fast food job is not a career, and was never intended to be one for other than manager on up. it was and is a part time job to help pay for college or pocket money for high school kids. no employer is going to pay more than a reasonable wage for the work performed. and i`m sorry flipping burgers or running a fryer or pushing register buttons. is not 15.00 dollar an hour work. laying brick , working construction, doing semi skilled work, working in an office, ect all are but fast food is not. if you need 15.00 dollars an hour then get a job that pays that. or be replaced by automation that does not need benefits , does not file law suites, does not call off and never asks for a a certin point the cost of labor forces a business to automate to stay in business and becomes cheaper.

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  22. gant77
    gant77 August 04, 19:00

    Looks like the robots didn’t work out after all, since they’re hiring people at that location, lol.

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  23. Chris
    Chris August 10, 09:26

    It is all well and good to replace humans with technology – but when that technology has a hissy fit (breaks down), it is a very costly fix. Very impersonal – many people go to places to be served by a friendly face – someone they can identify with. Once the novelty of robots is over, we’ll see what happens to the Mcdonald shares……

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  24. Jessica Davenport
    Jessica Davenport October 26, 09:02

    Canada Smith

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  25. Rick
    Rick November 05, 23:01

    BOYCOTT, Its one of the last rights we have but Iam sure that will change after hillary gets in……

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