Why You Should Never, Never, Never Buy Pre-Packaged Ground Beef… You’re Making A Big Mistake!

Why You Should Never, Never, Never Buy Pre-Packaged Ground Beef… You’re Making A Big Mistake!

As Fox News reports, Goldwyn recommends a three-step plan: Get Fresh, Be Clean and Don't Fear the Fat. You start by getting the meat ground right at the butcher's counter at your grocery store.

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The good news is, choosing that cut couldn't be easier. A chuck steak is widely available, super-affordable, and thanks to its 20% fat content, it has the richness you need for your burger. “If you’re high heat grilling, when fat gets hot, it develops great flavors and aromas,“ said Goldwyn. Fat is what gives even a blend of tough cuts plenty of juiciness, and by asking the butcher for a custom grind, you can get even more of that.

“I’ve even recommended taking the fat level up to 30%,” said Goldwyn. To do that, just choose a steak with plenty of extra fat along the edge.


Do you buy your beef already ground or have the butcher do it for you when you buy it? Which method do you prefer? Share your experiences and thoughts below.

Happy Grilling & Enjoy!

Article Source: Fox News


  1. Garen Eggleston
    Garen Eggleston July 02, 15:58

    Been a meat guy fir years and this is bunk

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  2. Jimmy Conway
    Jimmy Conway August 05, 01:04

    i raise my own

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  3. Keith Strouhal
    Keith Strouhal August 05, 01:27

    f**k OFF

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  4. Bev Tucker
    Bev Tucker August 06, 13:29

    Many markets don’t have personal services like this anymore…Walmart being one of them….

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  5. Carole Leslie-Davis
    Carole Leslie-Davis August 06, 13:53

    Make sure it’s labeled ground beef, not hamburger….there’s a big difference!

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  6. Darryle J. Fields
    Darryle J. Fields August 06, 22:04

    I like to use beef shoulder clod, grind 1 time…

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  7. Betty Burgess Phelps
    Betty Burgess Phelps August 08, 12:50

    I will never buy meats or produce from Walmart…I just don’t trust it.

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  8. Cheryl Hindle
    Cheryl Hindle August 09, 01:48

    I’ve been eating stuff from 11 years from Walmart , never a problem.

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  9. Pam Sensabaugh
    Pam Sensabaugh August 09, 01:58

    This Facebook page seems to only be concerned with trying to scare people or gross people out. Seriously! Stop believing everything you see on Facebook!!!!

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  10. Pam Sensabaugh
    Pam Sensabaugh August 09, 01:58

    Time for me to unfollow this bullshit page!!!

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  11. Pam Sensabaugh
    Pam Sensabaugh August 09, 02:08

    Did anybody really even read the article. They’re only advising that fresh ground has a better flavor. Lmao! Hopefully this crap won’t show up on my wall now.

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  12. Sherry Hunter Hutt
    Sherry Hunter Hutt August 09, 17:39

    I never buy prepackaged

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  13. Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart August 12, 04:46

    That’s all fine and good if you want to double the price of your burger.

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  14. Jacky Sue
    Jacky Sue August 12, 14:11

    click bait,,,, ugh,,, here i thought i was going to get poisoned or something lol.

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  15. Lynette Chesney
    Lynette Chesney August 12, 16:40

    It is hard now days to find a store that still grounds fresh meat while you wait.Everything is pre-packed. But if you have your own grinder at home yum.

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  16. Rosalee McDowell
    Rosalee McDowell August 12, 20:32

    Yeah right like I can afford that, being an old farmer some of this stuff is just crazy

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  17. Pamela Fink
    Pamela Fink August 13, 03:09

    I buy it all the time aand like it, Sorry……

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  18. Keith Strouhal
    Keith Strouhal August 14, 14:44

    Whats disgusting is that you are allowed to post$#%&!@*like this.

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  19. Julie Ricks Divinie
    Julie Ricks Divinie August 14, 19:35

    I try to.

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  20. Donald Davenport
    Donald Davenport August 14, 23:25

    All most ALL of the larger chain stores grind their own ground beef. They use their order cuts of meat and then sell it very cheap! So fresh hamburg teastes better then frozen hamburger???? wow who knew right?!?!

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  21. Kathy McMorrow
    Kathy McMorrow August 14, 23:48

    I buy from a local farm.

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  22. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes December 15, 11:30

    love the fanpage

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  23. Stefan Colwell
    Stefan Colwell December 15, 18:02

    Don’t eat beef , Bison is far better quality & taste

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  24. Plastiware
    Plastiware January 07, 09:30

    Planets biggest food prep super fan

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  25. Stefan Colwell
    Stefan Colwell March 24, 22:37

    Don’t eat beef , Bison from the Deli

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  26. Sherri J Shipley James
    Sherri J Shipley James March 24, 22:58

    I buy it freshly ground daily from our local Stater Bro’s Mkt always fresh, love that they have a butcher

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  27. April Robinson
    April Robinson March 24, 23:14

    Amari Robinson

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  28. Marcianna Elliott
    Marcianna Elliott March 25, 00:09

    Don’t know where the person who wrote this lives…but I don’t know of any store, butcher shop in my area that will ground meat…they will slice meat, cube it…but not ground.

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  29. Patty Macon
    Patty Macon March 25, 01:11

    What next? Everything we buy or eat is bad for you every other year.

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  30. Brad Marable
    Brad Marable May 15, 14:00

    Fake news. Move along.

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  31. Frederick Robinson
    Frederick Robinson May 15, 17:14

    Jennifer Auston Robinson

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  32. Jeff Holley
    Jeff Holley May 15, 18:51

    Please don’t start this crap.

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  33. Alice Diane Campbell
    Alice Diane Campbell May 15, 20:41

    I always buy my meat from the butcher. Because I am so afraid of the retail stores. I’m not certain of what type of meat I’m getting from the butcher either, but my best guess is, it is what they say it is. And it tastes good to me!

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  34. Tanya Waymire
    Tanya Waymire June 24, 03:23

    I grind my own.

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