Beef And Cabbage Soup That Is Grade A Good

Beef And Cabbage Soup That Is Grade A Good

Looking for a way to get your family to eat more cabbage? We have found the perfect recipe!

With This Easy Savory Beef & Cabbage Soup We Are Always Fully Satisfied.

There are times a hearty bowl of soup just sounds so good. Not the canned chicken noodle soup, but a true bowl of homemade soup with fresh ingredients.

The beauty of this soup recipe is that there are only 2 steps to make it! We'd say the hardest part is gathering the ingredients and even that isn't that bad!

This soup is full of flavor and the cabbage is super good for you. There's also celery and tomato and a few seasonings to bring everything together. You have to try it, especially on those colder days.

To Get The Full List Of Ingredients & The Simple Instructions Head On Over To The Following Page Where We Will Show You The Entire Recipe…



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    Andrew Ford January 07, 04:01


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  2. Wayne Famularo
    Wayne Famularo January 07, 04:53

    No cabbage for me.

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