Broken Noodles in a Slow Cooker and in 6 Steps They Had a Meal Everyone Devoured

Broken Noodles in a Slow Cooker and in 6 Steps They Had a Meal Everyone Devoured

In my opinion, there is nothing invented for the kitchen that will ever top the slow cooker. It is a working person's dream come true. It's like having a chef right there in your kitchen without having to pay them a salary!

If you don't cook with a slow cooker, I suggest you try it although you may not know what to do with all the extra time you have on your hands.

This dish, in particular, is a good one to start with because there are only six steps to an amazing meal that the entire family will love.

This classic Italian dish will never be cooked the same way again in my home after I found how simple it was to prepare with a slow cooker.

Oh, and it also cuts back on a number of dishes you have after dinner which is always a big selling point for me!

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Delicious Step by Step, Directions, Please Head On Over To The Next Page For The Entire Recipe



  1. Kathy Detwiler
    Kathy Detwiler January 31, 15:59

    I agree, use mine several times weekly.

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    Demetrius A. Fowlkes January 31, 22:51

    Dutch oven

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    Vicki Aguilar February 18, 21:36

    It helps working moms a lot.

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    Easier Life Recipes April 25, 00:45

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    Donna Barnes April 25, 05:46

    nu-wave oven

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    Betty Johnson April 27, 18:04

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