Eggs and Expiration Dates: How Long is Too Long

Eggs and Expiration Dates: How Long is Too Long

We often hear of how expiration dates are not always as honest as we trust them to be.  Some are considered to be more of a sell by date rather than an actual expiration date but as more and more information coming forward about the amount of food born illness out there we have to be careful about what we ingest

So, when we have an almost full carton of eggs in the fridge but that date says that they are now expired, we feel like we should just toss them out and buy brand new eggs instead. However, many of us are left feeling guilty about wasting food and we may even been wondering if the eggs were still okay to eat.

If this sounds like you, we discovered the answer to this question that has been on many people’s minds for years and we couldn’t believe what we found out when it comes to eggs.

We were seriously shocked that eggs were good after the expiration date, well, that is a given if they are one or two days old, but how long they were actually edible floored us completely.

To Find Out The Answer To Whether Your Eggs Are Still Safe After That Expiration Date & For How Long, Please Head On Over To The Next Page…



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