One Bite Of This Garlic Sauce & You’ll Never Eat Plain Noodles Again

One Bite Of This Garlic Sauce & You’ll Never Eat Plain Noodles Again

One slurp of these noodles and you'll wonder why you ever ate plain noodles in the first place. From this moment forward, your life has changed.

Let Get Started…

Things You Will Need:

  • 1(12 -16 ounce) package spaghetti

  • 1 medium  yellow onion, chopped fine

  • 3 garlic cloves, chopped fine

  • 3 tablespoons  olive oil

  • 1 stalk  fresh rosemary, chopped

  • 1 teaspoon truffle oil (white or black)

  • 1⁄4cup grated fresh parmesan cheese, good quality

Now That You Have All Of Your Tasty Ingredients Together It's Time To Get Started!

However; instead of boiling your noodles in a pot of water, like you normally would, we have added a few unconventional ingredients. We guarantee that you have never boiled your noodles in this before – it really sets this dish apart when you make it this way.

What We Boil Our Noddles With Isn't The Only Secret That We Are Revealing For This Fantastic Pasta Dish…

We Also Have A Delicious, Sauce That Is Made To Pour On Top!

This recipe definitely gives away a ton of little secrets for making a rustic, Italian dish. You have probably made Pasta a ton of different ways but once you try out little method you will NEVER make it the same again!

For The List Of Step By Step Directions For This Fantastic Pasta Dish Please Head On Over To The Next Page Where We Will Show You How To Make Both The Noodles & The Sauce…

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  1. Lucy Miranda
    Lucy Miranda July 30, 00:05

    Makes my blood boil to hear “noodles”. Also the other word that is said wrong Is “caramel” it is not pronounced carmel. Carmel is a city in California.

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  2. Joan Kosensky
    Joan Kosensky July 31, 19:34

    Me too… Let them keep their recipe…

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  3. Nancy Okeke
    Nancy Okeke July 31, 19:40

    If you have fresh Garlic, Butter and Lemons make up your own I say.. LOLOL This is just stupid anymore with this site and it seems so many of them are doing it also. Anymore If I have an Idea of a Dish I google it,

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  4. Keith White
    Keith White August 03, 20:58

    Who the heck eats plain noodles?

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  5. Kayleigh Eaton
    Kayleigh Eaton August 04, 18:14

    LeeAnne Niedzielski

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  6. LeeAnne Niedzielski
    LeeAnne Niedzielski August 04, 20:18

    This looks fantastic.

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  7. Sarah Jones Schaub
    Sarah Jones Schaub August 10, 04:25

    This is the worst page ever. How do I get to the recipe?

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  8. Ron Shaw
    Ron Shaw August 11, 02:28

    Angie Shaw

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  9. Lisa Lynette
    Lisa Lynette August 11, 17:49

    I add salt to the water.

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  10. Jane Huff
    Jane Huff August 13, 14:19

    People on government surplus back in the day ate macaroni with powdered milk and butter on them to get full. Not really butter, they called it oleo where I lived in PA. I get hungry for it now but use evaporated milk and real butter now. The commodities kept us fed then, no food stamps.

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  11. Stephanie Akina
    Stephanie Akina August 13, 16:16

    love pasta got to try this…hard when the hubby doesnt care for the same thing…i always cook for the army

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  12. Elveree Pearl Hainje
    Elveree Pearl Hainje August 13, 19:10

    Melissa Haygood-Barber, you need to make this for me. LOL

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  13. Tisha Keefer
    Tisha Keefer August 13, 20:41


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  14. Coleen Roussey
    Coleen Roussey August 13, 20:42

    I read the recipe and can’t see how it could possibly turn out to look like this picture?????

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  15. Gaynia Peck Battista
    Gaynia Peck Battista August 13, 20:54

    This is click bait! Very frustrating when you have to go page to page and heaven forbid if you hit the wrong link!

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  16. Jim Voto
    Jim Voto August 13, 23:33


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  17. Joyce Ramirez
    Joyce Ramirez August 14, 03:02

    Armando Ramirez

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  18. Jenne Dufour Sayre
    Jenne Dufour Sayre August 15, 16:33

    Yeah because I just happen to have truffle oil. smh lol

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  19. Lisa Montaghami
    Lisa Montaghami August 15, 23:38

    I’m going to block this site so I never have to see one of their ads again.

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  20. Cheryl Barr Freeman Hootman
    Cheryl Barr Freeman Hootman August 16, 01:14

    My way to eat pasta. Yuck red sauce, unless I make it.

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  21. Hazel Blais Johnson
    Hazel Blais Johnson August 17, 16:04

    Scampi sauce is tasty as well!

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  22. Katrina Vicuna-Hernandez
    Katrina Vicuna-Hernandez August 22, 05:25

    Who eats plain noodles?

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  23. Karen Walters
    Karen Walters August 22, 23:53


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  24. Gaynia Peck Battista
    Gaynia Peck Battista August 25, 03:53

    Click bait drives me nuts! I don’t do it. Give me the recipe or don’t bother posting it!

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  25. Anne Healy
    Anne Healy September 22, 19:50

    Great idea! Yummy sauce, and I like the idea of putting this sauce on spaghetti before putting traditional sauce on it. Thanks!

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  26. Crock Pot-Slow Cooker
    Crock Pot-Slow Cooker December 16, 10:30

    anyone love this post as much as me

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  27. Foodies Frat
    Foodies Frat December 16, 10:30


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  28. Sherry Hays
    Sherry Hays December 16, 11:17

    This sounds delicious!

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  29. Brandon Olson
    Brandon Olson December 16, 15:15

    To be fair, I don’t know of many who eat just plain noodles anyways

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