Rather than Butter, Try This on Those Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Instead

Rather than Butter, Try This on Those Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Instead

I have always been a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. No matter the time of year there is nothing that brings more comfort than that warm cheesy goodness.

Now, we can take the classic grilled cheese recipe and make it even better!

So how do you make this impeccable classic even better? Simple, by changing one of the main ingredients! Instead of using butter on your bread to give it that crisp grilled taste and look, this recipe uses something different! Not only will you still have a delicious, classic sandwich, but also a new way to make it even tastier!

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Delicious Step By Step Directions To Follow Please Head Over To The Next Page For The Entire Recipe…



  1. Ellen Lightfoot
    Ellen Lightfoot June 02, 23:59

    Now I’m craving grilled cheese!

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  2. Bob Quintiliano
    Bob Quintiliano June 03, 00:01

    Better than butter, just tried it

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  3. Sandy High
    Sandy High June 03, 00:33

    Have been doing this for years

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  4. Bruce Ostrander
    Bruce Ostrander June 03, 00:47

    I’ve been doing that for over 20 years

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  5. Michael E Hendricks
    Michael E Hendricks June 03, 01:00

    Margarine is not butter, it killed turkeys so they marketed it to humans.

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  6. Kathy Savino McCormick
    Kathy Savino McCormick June 03, 05:04

    I have also for over 35 yrs.

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  7. Bonnie Ford
    Bonnie Ford June 03, 12:27

    Me too.

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  8. Alicia AJ Jodoin
    Alicia AJ Jodoin June 03, 15:06

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  9. Kira Bonney
    Kira Bonney June 03, 15:55

    It’s mayo or miracle whip. Been doing it for a while. Save someone the click bait.

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  10. Kira Bonney
    Kira Bonney June 03, 15:57

    Every dog I have adopted was $75 bucks from a shelter. But what does this have to do with a recipe page?

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  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 03, 17:12

    I wanted to make one earlier but the bread was old and no cheese lol

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  12. Nora Kent
    Nora Kent July 17, 12:30

    anyone else love this as much as i do

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  13. Annemarie Kubicek
    Annemarie Kubicek July 17, 13:05

    Nope. Still better with butter.

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  14. Mario Ryce
    Mario Ryce July 17, 13:34

    I’ve been doing this all my life and is delicious… mother taught me!! ❤️

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  15. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton July 17, 13:39

    Mayo is gross

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  16. Cindy Evenson
    Cindy Evenson July 17, 15:55

    I do this & it’s better. Does not get soft like butter does.

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  17. Rita Box
    Rita Box July 17, 15:59


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  18. Christi Dutton Slaughter
    Christi Dutton Slaughter July 17, 16:21

    Uae coconut oik

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  19. Christi Dutton Slaughter
    Christi Dutton Slaughter July 17, 16:22

    Mayo is just as bad for you

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  20. Stefan Colwell
    Stefan Colwell July 17, 17:33

    Don’t eat mayo under any circumstance . Kerrygold real Irish butter

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  21. Karen Young-Payette
    Karen Young-Payette July 17, 18:41

    I love it this way.

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  22. Kathy Albert Lynch
    Kathy Albert Lynch July 17, 20:08

    I use spray oil or butter flavored spray oil. It still toasts great but is not quite as greasy as butter. Sorry but the mayo sounds terrible.

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  23. Nancy Woods
    Nancy Woods July 17, 23:49

    Had one tonight for dinner delicious!

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  24. Lacey Bates
    Lacey Bates July 31, 22:06

    It’s mayonnaise. You’re welcome.

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  25. JoAnn Kupcho Trenary
    JoAnn Kupcho Trenary November 10, 18:42

    Tried it. Nope!

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  26. Marilyn Hood Griffey
    Marilyn Hood Griffey November 11, 15:16

    Love grilled cheese with onion

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  27. Shirley Wascom
    Shirley Wascom November 15, 21:22

    No thanks I would rather have the butter. I also like bacon and tomato on mine

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  28. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff January 22, 04:25

    Looks good—haven’t tried it with mayonnaise yet!

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  29. Joan Gustason
    Joan Gustason March 04, 16:23

    Goona try it!

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  30. Linda Dombrow
    Linda Dombrow March 04, 18:09

    I made them already with mayo there really good and less calories

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