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Say Goodbye To Bad Garlic Breath With A New Kind of Garlic

Say Goodbye To Bad Garlic Breath With A New Kind of Garlic

Move over regular garlic there is a new version of you in town and people are buying it up like crazy.

It may sound like something out of a bad infomercial. A wild claim that there is now a garlic that does not make your breath a lethal weapon upon consumption but the claims are true. Now, don't go getting all excited just yet. There are many that state that while yes the claims are true and this new form of garlic will in fact NOT leave you running for a large packet of mints the flavor profile is somewhat tame compared to our tried and true friend who is lovely albeit smelly.

The non-stinky garlic is called KissingGarlic and it is supposed to be a date friendly version of the old staple and people are buying it up in droves. So much so that the website is currently sold out but that isn't stopping people from lining up anxiously awaiting the next harvest.

Now I am sure there is a lot of science that goes into the removal of the “stinky stuff” from garlic and we have compiled a summary of how they do it for you on the next page. As well as a brief description of the flavor profile and the reasons why it won't be in our kitchen anytime soon.


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    Cool info! Thanks so much 🙂

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