These Yams Steal The Show Every Single Time & They Are Really Simple To Make!

These Yams Steal The Show Every Single Time & They Are Really Simple To Make!

Whether for the holidays or to meet that sweet tooth with a healthy delight, candied yams will always hit the spot.

As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving dinner is always so interesting when candied yams are involved! Think about it. Your uncle lays back in his chair patting his stomach and talking about how good his yams were, as your brother is freaking out because someone ate all of the seconds. Then, you always have the two that seem to speak their mind no matter where they're at. Although they're complaining, you have to admit there is truth in what they say.

Candied yams are dang near scientific. You have to make them just right so that they don't taste too sugary sweet. But, then you can't undercook them to leave them bitter tasting either. Candied yams are meant to be delicious; and those aunts sitting in the corner complaining need something good to talk about. So, let's make it happen! Let's make your candied yams to die for.

Warm… sweet… tender …that dish that continues to keep everyone waiting all year JUST for Thanksgiving.

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