What This Chef Did With One Bowl & Some Dough Will Surprise Everyone This Thanksgiving

What This Chef Did With One Bowl & Some Dough Will Surprise Everyone This Thanksgiving

When it comes to making appetizers for a large holiday feast there are the traditional dishes that must be made. If your family is anything like mine they are sticklers for tradition this time of year which can make experimenting with holiday dishes somewhat challenging but as you will see later in this article, not impossible.

Around here, we're always on the lookout for delectable and fascinating recipes from all around the world. After all, as much as we love American food and all of the beloved favorite dishes we grew up eating, we also love sampling international cuisine. And we've found that some of our all-time favorite dishes have come from far-flung places all around the world.

That's the case with a recipe video we recently discovered on YouTube. This tasty appetizer, known as Gunes Borek, or Solar Pie, contains spinach and cheese all wrapped up in a dough that's cooked until it's nice and brown. Its catchy name comes from its unique shape because it's fashioned to look just like the sun!

This would make the perfect appetizer because it is cheesy and easy to eat. The filling is really rich but the breading takes off the edge a bit. If you are looking for a simple dish to whip up really quick then you should make this. It's also very versatile in that you can really use any kind of filling and make it a dessert as well but for this, we are using something a tad more savory!

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