White Almond Cake

White Almond Cake

This year Baking Season is all about cakes! Can you imagine bringing The White Almond Cake to your next birthday, wedding or baby shower and showing it off?

This cake may look difficult to make but it is as easy as pie! (No pun intended).

The rich flavor of almond gives this cake a robust and bold flavor with each and every bite. Additionally, it looks as good as it tastes.

Each ingredient baked in this creamy cake has a purpose and it makes it dense, moist and delicious.

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  1. Becca
    Becca June 16, 08:08

    The recipe doesn’t match the picture…

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  2. JudyJudyJudy
    JudyJudyJudy June 16, 19:43

    So, I’m looking on the ‘net for an 11 x 13″ cake pan. Very few and far between! Where did you find yours?

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  3. Renee
    Renee June 20, 12:33

    How do you get the thin layers?

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  4. Crystal
    Crystal July 07, 01:05

    Of course the photo doesn’t match. The photo is of a crepe cake, and NOT the cake in the recipe. So frustrating when these things happen on Pinterest, and they seem to happen a lot. Even worse, is when you discover that clicking on the link has resulted in phishing (like this site). Please be careful fellow pinners!

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  5. Tammy L.
    Tammy L. July 07, 04:19

    recipe is not the cake pictured, if you read the instructions with the recipe you will see that. the cake pan can be bought most anywhere even Walmart, it is standard size. The actual picture is an almond crepe cake. Check out recipes on line.

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  6. Tammy L.
    Tammy L. July 07, 04:21

    My above comment does not have links, please ignore the green highlights as this site automatically inserts those. If you click on them the won’t take you to the place you want to go.

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  7. mara
    mara August 15, 15:12

    that looks like white chocolate frosting.

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  8. Mara
    Mara August 15, 15:18

    Yes. That cake is layered. Easy to do. Ignore the chocolate frosting link in the previous comment. I didn’t link to anything. I would fold the following into whipped cream and use it to layer between the thin layers:

    1 1/2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
    1/2 cup butter, softened (preferably white butter, if you can find it)
    2 (4-ounce) white chocolate baking bars, melted and cooled (we tested with Ghirardelli)
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

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  9. Maria E Leiterman
    Maria E Leiterman September 20, 22:44


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  10. Suze Rosen
    Suze Rosen September 20, 22:50

    OMG!!! I want a slice or the whole cake. 😀

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  11. Marc Pierotti
    Marc Pierotti September 20, 23:11

    Someone needs to make this for me, Julie, Felicia McGee, Kathleen. Just saying

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  12. Eddie Fedak
    Eddie Fedak September 21, 04:00

    Diane Diaczuk Fedak

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  13. Martha Payton Dykes
    Martha Payton Dykes September 21, 19:14

    Why does this picture of the cake look like thin layers when the recipe calls for an 11×13″ pan ……

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  14. Clarice Reed-bennett
    Clarice Reed-bennett September 21, 20:45

    Those aren’t layers, they’re lines in the frosting

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  15. Martha Payton Dykes
    Martha Payton Dykes September 21, 20:50

    Clarice Reed-bennett Thanks for responding. And yes, it does look delish…:)..

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  16. Steve Reed
    Steve Reed September 22, 04:40


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  17. Mildred Adolphus
    Mildred Adolphus April 18, 14:50

    Looks d-lish.

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  18. Gabby
    Gabby November 03, 20:07

    I want to know where u can buy an 18.25 cake mix these days? I messed up several cakes not realizing cake mixes have been cut 2 oz. most people don’t know that and the cake will not turn out right! I have several favorite recipes that start with a cake mix that I don’t make any more because of this. All I can say is buyer beware!

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    • Gabby
      Gabby November 03, 20:12

      18.25 oz. cake mixes have been cut 2 oz. all I can say is buyer beware! Your cake would not turn out right!

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  19. MsMelanie Jacobs
    MsMelanie Jacobs December 23, 13:40

    Make it happen Al DramaFree Eps

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  20. Al DramaFree Eps
    Al DramaFree Eps December 23, 14:16


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  21. Al DramaFree Eps
    Al DramaFree Eps December 23, 14:18

    Find the actual recipe and send it to me or post it.

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  22. Megan Nagley
    Megan Nagley February 25, 13:28

    Best cake recipe ever

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  23. Vickie Lively
    Vickie Lively February 25, 19:04

    Almond is a good flavor

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  24. Noni Hargis
    Noni Hargis February 25, 22:54

    Jenny Hinesley – oh my stars!!

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  25. Jenny Hinesley
    Jenny Hinesley February 25, 23:00

    Whoa…That looks dangerous!

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  26. Noni Hargis
    Noni Hargis February 25, 23:00

    Oh yes it does!!

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  27. Tammy Hancock
    Tammy Hancock February 26, 00:40

    Apparently there are 2 other recipes for this blog. The first picture, had a mousse, the second picture was of several things layers of cake & pastry cream. How fraudulent!! Oh, yes I am a honest Chef!!

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  28. Gloria Wade
    Gloria Wade March 04, 04:49

    Looks delish

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