7 Strange Fruits and Vegetables You’ve (Probably) Never Eaten

7 Strange Fruits and Vegetables You’ve (Probably) Never Eaten

Here are 7 fruits and vegetables that most of us have never tasted. Whether it's because they grow in far away regions or because the season for their harvest is very brief, most of these strange but tasty fruits and veggies are seldom available, at least in North America. Remember, though, what looks odd to some people maybe just a yummy treat in other places.

For each of these delicious foods we'll learn where they can be found, how they are prepared and what they taste like. The next time you see one of these exotic beauties available as a novelty in your supermarket you'll be able to identify it and maybe even give it a try.

Now follow along through the list as we tour the globe to discover these garden delicacies. You may even have some of these tasty treats available near you!

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