7 Strange Fruits and Vegetables You’ve (Probably) Never Eaten

7 Strange Fruits and Vegetables You’ve (Probably) Never Eaten

#2 Pitaya (Dragonfruit)

The pitaya, commonly called ‘dragonfruit' is actually the fruit of a cactus! There are many varieties of dragonfruit, but they are typically colorful, with a leathery, leafy texture. The most commonly available varieties really do resemble something with big scales, but that's just the appearance. As you can see from the photo, the inside of the fruit is just as striking as the outer skin.

How does it taste? Dragonfruit may look flashy and flamboyant, but the flavor is just mild and sweet. Some say it tastes similar to melon or kiwi or pear. It has a pale, creamy pulp with a mild scent inside the rougher exterior skin. Like the kiwi, the small black seeds inside the flesh add a slightly crunchy texture to the smoothness.

How is it prepared? Pitaya can be eaten raw, but it's necessary to remove the skin. You can peel the skin to get at the pulp or simply cut the fruit in half, lengthwise, and scoop out the insides.

Where and when? Dragonfruit are usually available between June and late December. They originated in Mexico, but are now grown widely in South and Central America and Asia. To find dragonfruit in the United States, you may have to find a specialty grocer or watch for them in the ‘exotics' section of your supermarket.

Pitaya / Dragon Fruit

Photo: Michael Canavan on Flickr

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