Brown Sugar Chicken Wings With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Brown Sugar Chicken Wings With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Love fried chicken wings but growing tired of the same old bbq sauce or buffalo seasoning that accompany them? That is why we love this recipe! It's different yet delicious and the red pepper sauce gives it a nice kick that brings all the flavors together!

Everyone loves a good chicken wing. These crispy chicken wings are so juicy and are tossed in a brown sugar and Sriracha sauce that brings the perfect balance of heat and sweet to your wings. These are great for sporting events, family gatherings and celebrations. But don't think that these wings need to be reserved for only special occasions. They are also a great protein option for any dinner menu you are planning for your family. Pair them with green beans and mashed potatoes, or anything else you would normally pair with your chicken.

This recipe also comes with a bonus recipe! The creamy dipping sauce with roasted red pepper dip is a great addition to these already amazing wings. You get two recipes in one!

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    Im making these, dipping sauce sounds delicious

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    Looks good

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    Kimberly I think Dana needs to know about these…

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    Looks good. Love chicken wings!

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