Cabbage Casserole Is Soooo Much Easier Than Making Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Casserole Is Soooo Much Easier Than Making Cabbage Rolls

This Cabbage Casserole Is All The Way From Germany Is Is A Delicious Addition To Any Meal.

Instead of making a regular 9×13 casserole we added everything into a skillet, added beef, cheese, tomatoes, cabbage and cooked it over a high flame.

The Results You Ask?

…. They Were Delicious!

This casserole was incredible. We normally would be shy about making something with cabbage and beef but the way we cooked it came out pretty good. This recipe kind of reminds us of a beefy casserole but with a lot of cheese, tomatoes and some extraordinary flavors.

My grandmother used to make this for me growing up and it was always a favorite for me. I love the way it came out and all of those flavors perfectly simmered together.

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Directions To Follow, Please Visit The Link Right Here: 

Craving A Cheesy, Beefy Casserole With An Added Twist? This German Classic Is A Must Try


Do You Like Cabbage Casseroles? If Sooo Tell Us Your Favorite & How Much You Like Them. We Love Anything That Has Spice & Cheese. 

Happy Baking & Enjoy!

Article Source: Diary Of A Recipe Collector

Photo Source: Diary Of A Recipe Collector 


  1. Mary Reid
    Mary Reid October 25, 22:16

    Looks yummy

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  2. Douglas Juba
    Douglas Juba October 26, 01:12

    I’ve had this in my.tummy and it’s yummy

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  3. Diane Williamson
    Diane Williamson October 26, 07:38


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  4. Ann Couitcher
    Ann Couitcher October 27, 12:06


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  5. janie
    janie June 23, 04:34

    where’s the beef.?????..not mentioned in directions

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  6. Jane
    Jane July 24, 01:43

    Cabbage rolls easier

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  7. Kristy Reavis
    Kristy Reavis September 11, 00:50

    I have made this many times but never put cheese on it I will have to try that looks yummm..

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  8. Jen Smith
    Jen Smith September 11, 04:20

    Brenda Sargent-Boncore cabbage recipe for ya!

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  9. Melissa Lauder
    Melissa Lauder September 11, 23:20

    Margaret Brown Tippy Brown

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