Paula Deans Cheesy Broccoli Bake

Paula Deans Cheesy Broccoli Bake

I love casseroles because they are so convenient and easy to do. This special dish made by Paula Dean sets the bar high on taste and presentation.

Nothing hits the spot better than a plate of your favorite comfort food: Cheese & Broccoli.

This warm and colorful dish is perfect for any occasion and make a lot for everyone to enjoy. The best part about cooking this is that its hard to mess up in terms of flavor.

Paula Dean makes the best types of casserole in the world and knows how flavors come together.

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  1. TJ Henderson
    TJ Henderson September 21, 21:33

    Cheryl Henderson

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  2. Mike Bokelman
    Mike Bokelman September 22, 01:32

    Love that Paula Dean !

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  3. Steve Reed
    Steve Reed September 22, 04:26


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  4. Nenette Crouch
    Nenette Crouch December 05, 13:40

    Look so good

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  5. Shirley Daubner
    Shirley Daubner December 05, 18:05


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  6. Dana Alston
    Dana Alston January 20, 03:22

    Miss you lady

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