This 5-Ingredient Southern Bacon Fried Cabbage Recipe Is Absolutely Incredible!

This 5-Ingredient Southern Bacon Fried Cabbage Recipe Is Absolutely Incredible!

If You Love Cabbage, You Definitely Have To Try This Easy And Completely Mouth-Watering Recipe The Next Time You Make It!

Cabbage is a popular side dish to home cooked meals like meatloaf, roasted chicken, and even pork chops.  It is especially popular if you grew up in the south. It is both savory, sweet and truly delicious.

If you are big fan of cabbage or even if you have never really liked it that much but want to try it again, this truly incredible bacon fried cabbage is the best recipe you will have ever have!

It is super easy to whip up with only five ingredients including salty, crispy, delicious bacon and green crispy cabbage and an amazing blend of other ingredients that really sure this dish is bursting with flavor. It will put every other cabbage recipe to shame.

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Delicious Step By Step Directions To Follow Please Head On Over To The Next Page Where We Will Show You The Full Recipe…

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  1. Carolyn Harris
    Carolyn Harris September 02, 23:08

    or homemade bread like my Mom made

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  2. Marie Coffey
    Marie Coffey September 02, 23:39

    With corn bread!

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  3. Cordy Watkins
    Cordy Watkins September 03, 12:13

    Mmmmmmmm!! I love cabbage and bacon!!!!! What a tasty recipe, that is!!

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  4. Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins September 03, 12:30

    Kati Hawkins

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  5. Donna Newman
    Donna Newman September 03, 12:40

    I tried this but added some kebalsa sausage to it. It was really good.

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  6. Ramona Leiling
    Ramona Leiling September 03, 13:30

    Virginia Anderson

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  7. Vina Chetri
    Vina Chetri September 03, 14:38

    The bacon and buttered corn bread is already clogging my arteries! Lol

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  8. Betsy Lynn
    Betsy Lynn September 03, 17:27

    This is dinner for myself tonight. Yum yum

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  9. Nicole Tina
    Nicole Tina September 03, 20:34


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  10. Carlyle Webb
    Carlyle Webb September 03, 20:58

    My family has been making this as long as I could remember. It s the only way I know.

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  11. Jodie Jensen Cooper
    Jodie Jensen Cooper September 03, 23:33

    Rose, want some Southern Cabbage?

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  12. Rose Jensen
    Rose Jensen September 03, 23:36


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  13. Deanna McJunkins
    Deanna McJunkins September 03, 23:39


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  14. Chad Durst
    Chad Durst September 04, 00:29

    Marsha Durst

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  15. Maria Lambert
    Maria Lambert September 04, 14:52

    Sound’s great

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  16. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce November 26, 13:44

    Looks great

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  17. Cynthia Hanas
    Cynthia Hanas November 26, 14:05


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  18. Alice Seibold Blevins
    Alice Seibold Blevins November 26, 14:37

    And a pot of pinto beans don’t get much better then that !

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  19. Michaela Basnight
    Michaela Basnight November 26, 15:52

    Amy Suzanne Basnight

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  20. Michelle Matthews
    Michelle Matthews November 26, 16:22

    Love it

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  21. Jason Laubenheimer
    Jason Laubenheimer November 26, 20:29

    Jennifer Witt Laubenheimer

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  22. Eleanor Fister Cottone
    Eleanor Fister Cottone November 26, 21:12

    Sometimes for a extra flavor I add a little soy sauce.

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  23. Amy Suzanne Basnight
    Amy Suzanne Basnight November 26, 22:38

    Let’s do this tonight!!

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  24. Gordon Ramsay Recipes
    Gordon Ramsay Recipes November 27, 02:00

    Thanks !

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  25. Fred Bencivengo
    Fred Bencivengo November 27, 02:09

    Add some hot sauce once plated

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