Fried Bologna Sandwiches: A Taste of Childhood

Fried Bologna Sandwiches: A Taste of Childhood

My bologna has a first name its OSCAR. My bologna has a second name its MAYER.  I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why I'll say…cause OSCAR MAYER has a way with BOLOGNA.

I'd like to say I had to look up that jingle, however, I did not. It has been stuck in my head since early childhood. Tucked away with other useless knowledge about a plethora of other things that are completely useless I find myself on a remake of Name That Tune or in a round of Trivial Pursuit.

There is so much from my childhood  I treasure. Things that without a doubt take me back to a time when everything was fun and bills were something only found on a duck.

Food is a huge part of that. There are certain dishes, certain smells that take me back to a time when there were no worries. There is one dish in particular that reminds me of the nights my cousins and I would play “restaurant” in my house and the main course….Fried Bologna Sandwiches!

These are super simple to make and most people probably have their own twist on how to get it done but let's take a look at this process and see if you have any tips or tricks that you picked up along the way.

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  1. Ron Latko Jr.
    Ron Latko Jr. July 31, 16:18

    Kendra Latko

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  2. Rita Box
    Rita Box July 31, 18:05

    Love these

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  3. Ronald Speedy Rodimon
    Ronald Speedy Rodimon August 01, 02:23

    Who in NEW ENGLAND has not had these?

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  4. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff August 01, 04:51

    Love fried bologna sandwiches!

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  5. Sari Jones
    Sari Jones August 01, 12:55

    Still a fan of the fried bologna sandwich!

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  6. Angel Barlow Griffin
    Angel Barlow Griffin August 08, 11:05

    Cayce Griffin

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  7. Angel Barlow Griffin
    Angel Barlow Griffin August 08, 11:05

    Debra Griffin Eakin

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  8. Judy Harris
    Judy Harris August 23, 01:02

    Tom Harris

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  9. John Smith
    John Smith August 23, 13:35

    Sounds great….Brings back many memories …my favorite was fried King Cotten bologna, slice of cheese, with a fried egg on top on a Wonder Bread hamburger bun….em, can smell it now

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  10. Wendy Czarnecki
    Wendy Czarnecki September 10, 15:14

    Nancy Oneill + Debra Babeu

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  11. Todd Raines
    Todd Raines September 10, 15:47

    It was amazing baby just like you.

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  12. Bonnie Janice Finley
    Bonnie Janice Finley September 10, 16:10

    Love fried Bologna

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  13. Martin King
    Martin King September 10, 21:55

    Love eating fried bologna.

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  14. Adrienne Sutter
    Adrienne Sutter September 10, 23:31

    As a kid I threw up fried bologna one time and I never ate it ever again.

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  15. Melody Mahoney
    Melody Mahoney September 11, 00:57

    I love fried bologna sandwiches. I eat them often.

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  16. Lance Shelton
    Lance Shelton September 11, 02:53

    A taste of poverty, but still filling.

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  17. Angel Barlow Griffin
    Angel Barlow Griffin September 11, 02:56

    Cayce Griffin

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  18. Maria Eichhorn
    Maria Eichhorn September 11, 03:53

    Doesnot sound good.

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  19. Donald Warren
    Donald Warren September 11, 07:05


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  20. September 17, 14:30

    who else gets balsamic

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  21. Carol Mattson Kimbler
    Carol Mattson Kimbler September 17, 14:37

    Haven’t had one for awhile, but it was a favorite. Might try it!

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  22. Deb Kosteniuk
    Deb Kosteniuk September 17, 17:38

    Dear god, no!!!! I remember growing up eating fried baloney, fried spam and klik (clik?)….ugh

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  23. Diane Richards Villa
    Diane Richards Villa September 17, 17:53

    Never had one

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  24. Lana Simmons Washburn
    Lana Simmons Washburn September 17, 23:45

    Danelle Stazewski

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  25. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford September 19, 22:12


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  26. Maria Eichhorn
    Maria Eichhorn November 25, 01:26

    Tasted it once, that was quite enough!

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  27. Carol Mae Brennan
    Carol Mae Brennan November 25, 01:38

    With musterd

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  28. Jennifer Moutrey
    Jennifer Moutrey November 25, 02:08

    Oh hell just kill me now * SMH * ate so much of if because we were broke all the time that literally the smell makes me vomit.

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  29. Marybeth Graham
    Marybeth Graham November 25, 02:48

    yum, yes with mustard

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  30. Jean Foster
    Jean Foster November 25, 03:54

    I still love it is

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  31. Glenda Fowler
    Glenda Fowler November 25, 03:57

    I am not a kid but still love them

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  32. Wayne Famularo
    Wayne Famularo November 25, 06:20

    Absolutely. With. Mayo and. Tomato

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  33. Jean Foster
    Jean Foster November 26, 05:17

    Back in the days i use to go up to my grandparents house and you talking about good real thick bologna in a bag grandpa use to put it on the pit and make his own sauce it was off the chain.They passed away years ago i miss them.

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  34. Sandy Welte
    Sandy Welte November 26, 13:11

    Then I am still a child at 70! Still love bologna, cheese sandwiches, only on bread!

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  35. Maggy Downing
    Maggy Downing January 07, 22:02


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  36. Dee Dev
    Dee Dev January 07, 22:10


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  37. Cindy Munson Reed
    Cindy Munson Reed January 07, 22:16

    My mom always made us fried bologna sandwichs fried ring bologna to dont even see that anymore.They are good same with fried hot dogs

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  38. Christopher Rittenburg
    Christopher Rittenburg January 07, 23:07

    You bet!!!

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  39. Tina Adams
    Tina Adams January 07, 23:10

    Plus add a fried egg

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  40. Deborah Pilipow Johnson
    Deborah Pilipow Johnson January 08, 01:09

    Had two the other night for dinner

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  41. JoAnne Davis
    JoAnne Davis January 08, 01:24

    Leanne Heath

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  42. JoAnne Davis
    JoAnne Davis January 08, 01:45

    its so good!

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  43. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford January 08, 03:47

    Delicious view

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  44. June Cruz
    June Cruz January 08, 12:24

    <3 <3

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  45. Ramona Doswell
    Ramona Doswell January 08, 14:20

    Family favorite

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  46. Maria Eichhorn
    Maria Eichhorn January 08, 15:48

    Can’t imagine!

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  47. Maggy Downing
    Maggy Downing January 22, 17:04


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